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Why does dance benefit kids & teens in life?

Dance helps children and teens grow in many positive ways. The physical exercise is an obvious benefit of dance. But the benefits extend well beyond that.

Teenagers, in particular, are at a point in their life where they start trying to figure life out and sometimes struggle to do it. Dance can help teens to move through this difficult period in so many ways.

But it isn’t just teens that benefit from dance; younger kids who learn to dance, take exams and perform in shows learn at an early age so many life skills that can help them to navigate the difficult teen years with much more ease.

Here’s just a few ways that dance helps kids of all ages:

Builds confidence and self-esteem – peer pressure, bullying and many other things can put a dent in a kids confidence, no matter what age they are. Dance can provide a big dose of self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence. When performing in front of people, they have to take a few risks by putting themselves out there and their confidence and belief in themselves increases.

Builds social skills – Sometimes the teenage years can be challenging socially, to say the least. It can be hard for them to open up and meet people who then really identify with. Dance is a great way to connect with a diverse group who all come together for a shared interest. They become confident in themselves and who they are as a person. This confidence will help them be more comfortable with socialising.

Nutrition – Dancers need healthy in order to take care of their bodies, so they can have the ability to perform the moves that they want. A good teacher will teach their pupils about healthy nutrition. This will help teenagers benefit in their health and growth.

Discipline – Teens want be independent by doing what they want when they want. The discipline taught in dance classes learning routines, rehearsing the same routine over and over for shows and exams, practicing and continuing to improve their skills and abilities encourages self discipline and can help teenagers learn to be independent in a healthy way. Learning to be independent and have self-discipline isn’t a bad thing. It’s a skill for life - without discipline, it is not very easy at all to get to the next level…in dance or in life.

Improve memory – Since dancing means constantly learning new dances it activates the part of the brain that works with memory and muscle memory. As a result kids who dance become used to memorising information quickly and that can translate to other areas of their life, such as school. This can help them get better grades at school, study for exams and build long-term memory.

Learn to work for what they want – Dancers have to work hard and practice to have their dance moves perfected and achieve the goals that they want, whether that’s in class, in their exams or in their show performances. They learn quickly the rewards of self-discipline and hard work. This is a great way for children to learn to work for what they want in their daily life.

The ability to perform without fear – Kids who learn to perform in front of audiences without fear or stage fright gain confidence in their abilities. They are taking a few risks by putting themselves out there in front of an audience, and their self-confidence grows and their sense of joy in life can increase. They also gain showmanship and performance abilities which also teach them to have a strong work ethic when they are old enough to have a job.

So dance teaches them not only the skills of dancing but also how to follow directions, get along with others, the values of teamwork and self-respect, how to communicate well with each other, how to deal with setbacks, how to overcome their fears and creating a culture of body positivity.

Why not enroll your child or teen into a Rhythmix class this year and see how they flourish!

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